PedalDoctor FX Mod Rod
"Custom effects construction (building effects
specifically requested by an individual) is the
most valuable tool to me as an effects pedal
builder/designer. Being available to build effects
on a custom basis allows me to discover what
the working musician needs. It gives me the
opportunity to have my work tested in a real
working environment and is the cornerstone for
PedalDoctor FX pedals. The input and feedback
that I get during the custom design process is
Coming Soon:
Sound Clips!!
Hear the 8-Ball
A couple of years ago, I recieved a call from
Ryan Wariner, an unbelieveable guitarist with
an ear bent on great tone, to build a tube
preamp pedal based on the original Chandler
Tube Driver. When it was finished it simply
sounded great! I was able to make some small
improvements in the pedals funcionality like
true-bypass switching and the elimination of the
transformer hum that plagued so many of the
original ones, making this one of my favorite
"custom" projects. Since then, Ryan has
become a great friend and is now my first call
when it comes to beta testing my new designs.
His father, Steve Wariner also liked the pedal
so much that he had me build one for him. I'm
pretty proud of the fact that I've got TWO great
Wariner guitarists using this custom pedal
Ryan's Original Valve Driver
This is a great pedal project that started out as a
simple switcher that allows the user to plug three
instruments into one amp and set the volume
forall three to be the same. Instead of making it
a passive device, I built it to actually amplify the
weaker sounding instruments to be equal to the
loudest one. It has a couple of great features
that were too obviously cool and useable to
leave out. First of all it can also be used as a
pair of boosters when only one instrument is
plugged into it. The #1 input is just a bypass
and the #2 and #3 inputs when not used,
become boosters for the insturment plugged into
#1. Second, the boosters can either be used as
a clean boost or if used agressively, can be used
as a pair of KILLER overdrives! That means that
you can have a clean, rhythm, and lead sound
from one pedal. It's also worth mentioning that
the boosters are VERY transparent and VERY
quiet making this a great session guitarists
custom utility pedal.
Tri-Add Switcher/Booster
Available Soon At PedalDoctor FX! The Baby Face Fuzz!
Tin Biscuit Overdrive
Available Soon At PedalDoctor FX! The Tin Biscuit Wiz-Shiver Tremolo
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8-Ball "Octavia" Pedal
PedalDoctor FX's Boss PD-5 Mod
Quad Bias Pro
PedalDoctor FX's Psych-Clone Phaser by Paia Electronics
Available Soon At PedalDoctor FX! The Texas Toast Distortion.
More Custom Pedals
Available Soon at PedalDoctor FX, the Screamin, Thingy
Ryan's Original Valve Driver
Tri-Add Switcher/Booster
About a year ago I began experimenting with an
Octavia-type design that could be used with an
existing overdrive to add that 60's style
"octave-over" sound but could be capable of
generating enough gain to be used as an
overdrive and an octave at the same time. Well
Here' the completed test pedal!
The 8-Ball Octave!
Valve Driver Tube